Trending Coffee Brewing Styles From Around The World

Café owners and baristas alike are always looking for new and innovative ways to brew their favourite beans and give their customers a totally new coffee experience. From pour overs and old-fashioned vacuum drip, to the latest compostable coffee capsules, organic coffee capsules and more, if it produces a richer, better tasting, more flavourful cup of coffee, we will usually give it a try at least once. Whether you are interested in adding a new brewing style to your café, or you just like to keep up with industry trends, keep reading as we are going to share with you some trending coffee brewing styles from around the world.

4 New Coffee Extraction Methods

Sous-Vide- sous-vide is a vacuum method of cooking that is being used by some baristas to create a more flavourful, fresher tasting cup of coffee. Using incredibly high temperatures and precise cooking times, coffee can be prepared in a vacuum pouch and filtered when ready.

Faster Cold Brew- cold brew coffee has been popular for quite some time now, but it takes a long time to prepare. For the café owner, this means more money in labour costs. A new method called Rapid Infusion Cold Brew uses a cream siphon and N20 cartridge to create a sweeter, smoother cold brew coffee in just seconds.

Compostable Coffee Pods- with sustainability and going green two popular topics in the coffee industry, many retail coffee shops are using compostable coffee pods which are manufactured using recycled materials and organic, fair trade coffee. By making a coffee capsule compostable, manufacturers have made it even easier for café owners to operate their businesses sustainably.

Organic Coffee Capsules- what’s more sustainable than organic coffee pods? This new trend is becoming more and more popular as growers, roasters and café owners are working more closely together. Making coffee pods organic seems like a simple solution to the waste and excess usage of non-sustainable materials that some coffee pods are known for.

There are many new and innovative coffee brewing methods being created every day and choosing the ones that suit your business and the needs of your customers is what makes each one so important.

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