Why You Should Consider Cannabis Over Painkillers?

It is a common knowledge even back in 1930’s that cannabis is a great medicine that can alleviate various health concerns with little to no side effects and damages to other organs. This article should help you consider switching your painkillers to this much safer alternative

How does cannabis relieve body pain?

Cannabis is a downer drug which brings the users to a euphoric sensation to a pint where they are unable or having a difficulty to move. It is almost similar to being drunk but the user is light headed and is having difficulty in cognitive processing and memory since it reduces brain neurons and slows brain activity

This euphoric sensation or high would then numb and relax your muscles which relieves pain for a prolonged period of time depending on the volume consumed. The user would also feel sleepy while being high as well which is why it is advisable to sleep after using cannabis so that your body will feel fresh and rejuvenated after waking up since cannabis is also a good sleep supplement that will offer uninterrupted sleep.

Cannabis can also cure or reduce inflammation as well by applying cannabis oil into the affected area as many and as frequent as needed

Cannabis vs painkillers

Painkillers are strong drugs that can eliminate pain in few minutes after intake but can cause damage to your stomach and liver if they are n your system without eating first (may vary on brands) and might cause damage to your liver as well if you rely on these drugs to often

Cannabis on the other hand, does not cause damage on liver and stomach because they are safe to intake but they might hinder productivity and output because the user is at high. Which is why It is advisable to use cannabis after working hours or during breaks and to keep note of the usage volumes because this would be a factor how long will you be high and how strong the euphoric sensation is.

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